Encore is a game originally created by Katelin and her Co-Writer, on their 1D Fanfic on the 39 Clues Messageboard.

Rules for EncoreEdit

1. There will be on person who will give each team, or person a word.

2. That team or person will then proceed to write down a few of the lyrics to a song that includes the word. (Ex. Someone gives me the word "Good," Then I could write down: "... I wake up at twilight, It's gonna be all right; We don't even have to try, It's always a GOOD time.")

3. If you can think of a song within 24 hours, then you will get a point.

4. You MAY NOT use any iPods, Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Google, Bing, or any sort of internet that will give you an answer.


Each round ends after the first player/ team reaches ten points.

Round One Winner: To Be Announced.

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