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Welcome to the COWS Members Wiki

COWS stands for Crazy Outstanding Writers & Songwriters. It originally only existed on The 39 Clues Message Board, and was called, Cahill Outstanding Writers & Singers. But now, the COWS are here on the Wiki, and on FanFiction.

This group was founded by Smriti, Katelin, and David. This wiki is for anyone get together, hang out, and talk.

If you don't know, the Cahills are apart of the 39 Clues. And there is also a 39 Clues Wiki and a 39 Clues Messageboard Wiki. Go check 'em out! :D

In order to join COWS, you must be given a prompt by TopazActor(David) or Katelin.

Currently, Smriti, Katelin, William, Montego, and David are the only members on the Wikia.


Chat is a place for you to instantly connect and, well, chat with each other. But to keep the Wikia safe and friendly, we ask that you follow these rules.

No swearing, or cussing.

No harsh language. Keep it to nicer words. Even if it isn't a bad word in your country, it may be in others.

Respect diversity. Do not judge anyone for what county they live in, or what race they are. And do not insult another Chatter.

No spamming. Do not randomly just make thirty posts that say "." or "SPAM!" etc. It can get very annoying to other Chatters' conversations.

No songs or jokes. Do not tell jokes about another's race, country, or anything of the sort. If you write a song, please don't write anything anyone could find offensive. This might sound silly, but trust me, it's not.

These rules stand not only for Chat, but for blog posts, articles, message walls, etc. All can be punished by being kicked on chat, and, as a last resort, banishment from this Wiki. If you have a complaint or question, please contact TopazActor(David), or Katelin.

Piano Rainbow

COWS logo

More Information:

COWS as I said before stands for:

Crazy Outstanding Writers & Songwriters.

Our main people were David, Smriti, and Katelin. But soon, we had a bunch of people join! We talk about our writing, get opinions, help, music; what kind you like, listen to, if you write/compose it, and tons of other stuff! Just your average group hanging out and talking about everyday things. :D

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