S.U.S. is a page where you can put a little bit of a story you want to write, to get people interested.

If you think enough people like the little sample you give them, open up your own blog and write that story! :)

So this page is mainly for getting a jump start on your story. :D

Any questions, please as David or I (Katelin). Thank you!

As an example:

Karlie Hartford crashed through the forest; pushing branches out of her way as she went. She had to run. She had to keep going faster and faster because if she didn't stop, they would catch up to her.

And either kill her painfully or torture for the rest of her life.

Which one could she chose? She pushed herself harder. Her breath came out in puffs and her legs burned. But she had to keep going. She just had to. Even if she had to run forever. She would never surrender. Never.

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