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Hey!!!! :D So I'm makin' this page for people who want to get opinions, tips, and comments on their songs!!!!! :D And if you don't know how to write songs, it's pretty easy. The basic is...

Verse 1

Chorus 1

Verse 2

Chorus 1 (x1 or 2)


Chorus 2

So, it's pretty easy. :) Any questions, I'll be glad to try to answer. :D

As an example, here's a song I wrote. :)...

Nothing by Katelin

{Verse 1}

Dodgin' bullets

Blockin' punches

And every blow brings us down

Jumpin' fences

Facin' danger

Choas is all around


~Chorus 1~

And we fight and scream

All over again

It's not a dream, but a nightmare

Will it ever end?

And I run blindly

Searchin' for something

But I find nothing

Oh, nothing


{Verse 2}

Reachin' far

Cryin' out

Because we're outta luck

Sinkin' low

Slippin' fast

But you don't pull me up


~Chorus 1~ (x1)



And I know we tried our best

But our love can't pass this test

So it's time to let it rest

And we


~Chorus 2~

Turn and go our seperate ways

Forget those days, but I can't

When the pain won't end

So I reach for you

I want what we had before

Cause this just hurts so much more

But I grasp nothing

I hold nothing

I've got nothing



Quote of Aaron Copland (Composer & Writer)

Now, don't freak out! Not all my songs are about depressing love, okay? Most are really upbeat. :P But this is just an example. Sooooo GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Post your songs!!!! XD

Now, now, now!!!!!!!!!!!! :D 



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